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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Beta Ray Bill (N) 22INQEve of Death[6:170:4]
Beta Ray Bill (N) 22INQInfinite Gauntlet[6:170:4m]
Bighorn007 (i) 37INQColony[5:180:10]
Bighorn007 (i) 37INQMoon[5:180:10m]
Bighorn007 (i) 37INQColony[6:180:3]
Bighorn007 (i) 37INQDelta 6[6:180:3m]
Bighorn007 (i) 37INQColony[9:174:4]
Bighorn007 (i) 37INQDelta 9[9:174:4m]
Black Lantern (i) 36INQGalactic Pub[1:277:4]
Black Lantern (i) 36INQCovid Go Away[1:277:4m]
Black Lantern (i) 36INQAngelic Wrath[1:363:1]
Black Lantern (i) 36INQMoon[1:363:1m]
Black Lantern (n) 36INQSuicide Squad[1:382:14]
Black Lantern (n) 36INQCovid Vaca Needed[1:382:14m]
Black Lantern (i) 36INQAdeline Kane[2:155:6]
Black Lantern (i) 36INQSleepless Covid[2:155:6m]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQColony[2:165:4]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQMoon[2:165:4m]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQStargate: Frost Haven[3:224:14]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQMoon[3:224:14m]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQWhite Scars[3:224:2]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQCovid is real[3:224:2m]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQBlack Monolith[3:224:4]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQMoon[3:224:4m]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQDeep Space Agent[9:100:4]
Black Lantern (in) 37INQCode Name : Paladin[9:100:4m]
Commander 3750 (n) 81INQBottom Feeder[1:195:12]
Commander 3750 (n) 81INQMoon[1:195:12m]
Commander 3750 (n) 84INQColony[2:85:9]
Commander 3750 (n) 84INQMoon[2:85:9m]
Commander 3750 (n) 81INQColony[2:180:3]
Commander 3750 (n) 81INQMoon[2:180:3m]
Commander 3750 (n) 76INQColony[2:199:7]
Commander 3750 (n) 76INQMoon[2:199:7m]
Commander 3750 (in) 92INQColony[6:180:5]
Commander 3750 (n) 95INQColony[8:180:4]
Commander 3750 (n) 95INQMoon[8:180:4m]
Commander 3750 (n) 95INQColony[8:180:7]
Commander 3750 (n) 95INQMoon[8:180:7m]
Commander 3750 (in) 92INQColony[8:181:4]
Commander 3750 (in) 92INQColony[9:174:2]
Krull Krusher (i) 36INQBlues[5:180:8]
Krull Krusher (i) 36INQBH 3[5:180:8m]
Krull Krusher (i) 36INQOilers[6:180:2]
Krull Krusher (i) 36INQBH 2[6:180:2m]
Krull Krusher (i) 36INQNorth Stars[9:174:9]
Krull Krusher (i) 36INQCanucks[9:174:9m]
Mullienium Knight (n) 99INQFrontier[1:213:12]
Mullienium Knight (n) 99INQLuna[1:213:12m]
Mullienium Knight (n) 106INQhope[1:397:5]
Mullienium Knight (n) 106INQApollo[1:397:5m]
Mullienium Knight (n) 106INQHarambee[1:397:9]
Mullienium Knight (n) 97INQequality[3:224:9]
TrickyEvil39INQCRONUS HQ[1:430:7]
TrickyEvil (i) 41INQDEMIGOD HQ[9:174:7]
TrickyEvil (i) 41INQBH HQ[9:174:7m]
Twisted Insane T9 (iN) 8INQZulmus memorial[1:143:7]
Twisted Insane T9 (iN) 8INQD12 will fall[1:174:2]
Twisted Insane T9 (iN) 8INQMoon[1:174:2m]
Twisted Insane T9 (iN) 8INQUni full of idiots[1:207:10]
Twisted Insane T9 (iN) 8INQMoon[1:207:10m]
Twisted Insane T9 (iN) 8INQD12 sucks[1:207:6]
Twisted Insane T9 (iN) 8INQJust me nd the multi's[1:207:7]
Twisted Insane T9 (n) 8INQJDFKS memorial[2:199:4]
Twisted Insane T9 (n) 8INQKratos Prime[2:199:4m]
Twisted Insane T9 (N) 8INQInQuisition HQ[3:263:11]
Twisted Insane T9 (N) 8INQMoon[3:263:11m]
Twisted Insane T9 (iN) 8INQAvalon[8:350:6]