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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
Commander BlackBird (ip) 27D12Hephaestus[1:1:3h]
Commander BlackBird (ip) 27D12Xp 119[1:8:14]
Commander BlackBird (ip) 27D12Moon[1:8:14m]
Commander BlackBird (p) 27D12Dead mans hand[1:57:5]
Commander BlackBird (p) 27D12Moon[1:57:5m]
Commander BlackBird (pn) 29D12Grave Yard[1:167:15]
Commander BlackBird (pn) 29D12Moon[1:167:15m]
Commander BlackBird (pN) 29D12Colony[1:169:15]
Commander BlackBird (pN) 29D12Moon[1:169:15m]
Commander BlackBird (pN) 29D12Hell's Fire[1:219:15]
Commander BlackBird (pN) 29D12Moon[1:219:15m]
Commander BlackBird (pN) 25D12Booya[1:386:15]
Commander BlackBird (pN) 25D12Moon[1:386:15m]
Commander BlackBird (pN) 25D12gun hammer[1:388:7]
Commander BlackBird (pN) 25D12Moon[1:388:7m]
Commander BlackBird (iN) 25D12Colony[1:392:10]
Commander BlackBird (iN) 25D12Moon[1:392:10m]
Commander BlackBird (iN) 25D12GRAVE STONE[9:390:15]
Commander BlackBird (iN) 25D12eye of sin[9:390:15m]
Commander BlackBird (pN) 26D12Hephaestus[9:499:1h]
Commander light101161D12Asher[1:328:11]
Commander light101161D12T9's Mudball[1:328:11m]
Commander light101161D12Zorch[1:328:7]
Commander light101161D12Cubitz[1:328:7m]
Commander light1011 (n) 54D12Riverworld[2:199:6]
Commander light1011 (n) 54D12Niro[2:199:6m]
Commander light1011 (n) 54D12Rose[2:350:2]
Commander light1011 (n) 54D12Ace[2:350:2m]
Commander light1011 (n) 54D12Red hawk[2:350:8]
Commander light1011 (n) 54D12Fire Wing[2:350:8m]
Commander light1011 (n) 54D12Can-O-Whoopazz[3:132:6h]
Commander light1011 (n) 57D12Trensalor[3:349:10]
Commander light1011 (n) 57D12Riversong[3:349:10m]
Commander light1011 (n) 57D12Argent[3:349:11]
Commander light1011 (n) 57D12Kanima[3:349:11m]
Commander light1011 (n) 57D12Sliverworld[4:84:10]
Commander light1011 (n) 57D12Twisted Sliver[4:84:10m]
Commander light1011 (n) 57D12Thorn[4:84:15]
Commander light1011 (n) 57D12Blackberry[4:84:15m]
Commander Phomar (N) 19D12Corporate Congress[1:161:15]
Commander Phomar (N) 19D12Ministry of Take Your Rez[1:161:15m]
Commander Phomar (N) 22D12Colony[1:380:15]
Commander Phomar (N) 22D12Moon[1:380:15m]
Commander Phomar (N) 18D12Galactic Salvage[2:147:15]
Commander Phomar (N) 18D12Galactic Tow Service[2:147:15m]
Commander Phomar (n) 19D12Ministry of Dirty Deeds[2:187:15]
Commander Phomar (n) 19D12Ministry of Bad News[2:187:15m]
Commander Phomar (N) 19D12Colony[2:379:15]
Commander Phomar (N) 19D12Moon[2:379:15m]
Commander Phomar19D12Colony[3:120:15]
Commander Phomar19D12Moon[3:120:15m]
Commander Phomar (N) 19D12Colony[3:319:15]
Commander Phomar (N) 19D12The hero of our story[3:319:15m]
Commander Phomar (n) 25D12Galactic Dump[8:187:15]
Commander Phomar (n) 25D12Galactic Trash Removal[8:187:15m]
DagarKnight (n) 56D12Miranda[1:156:12]
DagarKnight (n) 56D12Moon[1:156:12m]
DagarKnight (N) 48D12Oberon[4:75:8]
DagarKnight (N) 48D12Au[4:75:8m]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 56D12XD27T[2:112:5]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 56D12Unavailable[2:112:5m]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 56D1226/32DD[2:112:7]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 56D12Unavailable[2:112:7m]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 56D12Hydro[2:112:8]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 56D12Unavailable[2:112:8m]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 56D1228/[email protected][2:112:9]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 56D12Unavailable[2:112:9m]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 44D1226/37D[3:325:6]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 44D12G3 portal[3:325:6m]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 46D1228/[email protected][4:84:7]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 46D12Tricky moon :)[4:84:7m]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 46D1226/37D[4:84:9]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 46D12HS 3040RD[4:105:9]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 46D12Reloading[4:105:9m]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 46D1230/40D[4:106:7]
Dan McCarthy ALL (n) 46D12FF teamwork :)[4:106:7m]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Grimm[1:20:10h]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12The Kingdom of Cleef[1:20:9]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Fritz's Fury[1:20:9m]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Hershey's House[1:57:9]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Fang Pull[1:57:9m]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Bear's Den[1:106:9]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12gumby[1:106:9m]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Wrigley's World[1:134:9]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Robin's Nest[1:134:9m]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Eight Ball[1:206:11]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Stormy Weather[1:206:11m]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Missy's Mud Hole[1:365:1]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Shadow[1:365:1m]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Muddy Paws[3:28:12]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Squeaky Ball[3:28:12m]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Tiger's Territory[4:9:7]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Air Fluff[4:9:7m]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Fang's Domain[9:498:9]
Elric Deathwalker (N) 1D12Sleepy Puppy[9:498:9m]
Horatio42D12Lil Home[1:84:9]
Horatio (n) 38D12Colony[2:3:10]
Horatio (n) 38D12Moon[2:3:10m]
Horatio (n) 38D12Colony[2:47:6]
Horatio (n) 38D12Moon[2:47:6m]
Horatio (n) 38D12Colony[2:211:4]
Horatio (n) 38D12Moon[2:211:4m]
Lord Sorete16D12Plantago[2:130:5]
Lord Sorete16D12Lead Enema[2:130:5m]
Lord Sorete (n) 11D12Ricinus C.[2:187:6]
Lord Sorete (n) 11D12Moon[2:187:6m]
Lord Sorete (n) 15D12Colony[2:246:8]
Lord Sorete (n) 15D12Moon[2:246:8m]
Lord Sorete (pN) 11D12Paticha[2:286:7]
Lord Sorete (pN) 11D12Mburucuya[2:286:7m]
Lord Sorete (pN) 11D12Jalapa T.[2:296:6]
Lord Sorete (pN) 11D12Dead Man Inc.[2:296:6m]
Lord Sorete (N) 16D12Frangula[3:403:5]
Lord Sorete (N) 16D12Faster than light[3:403:5m]
Lord Sorete (N) 16D12Rheum[3:409:13]
Lord Sorete (N) 16D12Cathartic One[3:409:13m]
Lord Sorete (N) 16D12Rhamnus[3:415:6]
Lord Sorete (N) 16D12Castor Oil[3:415:6m]
Magenta (n) 66D12The Tardis[1:28:6]
Magenta (n) 66D12Doctor Who[1:28:6m]
Magenta (n) 69D12Jamaica[1:134:10]
Magenta (n) 69D12Montego bay[1:134:10m]
Magenta (n) 64D12L. Nimoy[2:198:12]
Magenta (n) 64D12In memory of Liz Bathory[2:198:12m]
Magenta (n) 66D12Dune[2:364:2]
Magenta (n) 66D12Arrakis[2:364:2m]
Magenta (n) 69D12Cheers![3:366:12]
Magenta (n) 69D12Bottoms up![3:366:12m]
Magenta (n) 69D12Monterey[3:373:13]
Magenta (n) 69D12Carmel-by-the-sea[3:373:13m]
Magenta79D12Squirrel Bite[4:75:3]
Magenta79D12Z NUT[4:75:3m]
Magenta (n) 69D12Doctor Strange[4:155:7]
Magenta (n) 69D12Silver moon[4:155:7m]
Magenta78D12Loc of Borg[5:132:4m]
Narses (n) 49D12Aetius[1:434:8]
Narses (n) 49D12Moon Goddess[1:434:8m]
Narses70D12Taginae II[1:466:4]
Narses70D12Legio XIII[1:475:8]
Narses (n) 46D12Artabanes[2:259:11]
Narses (n) 46D12Mourning Star[2:259:11m]
Narses (n) 40D12Dyrrachion[2:269:5]
Narses (n) 40D12Legio XIV Gemina[2:269:5m]
Narses (n) 49D12Agathias[3:255:5]
Narses (n) 49D12Moonwolf[3:255:5m]
Narses (n) 40D12Tricamarum[3:265:9]
Narses (n) 40D12Longinus[3:265:9m]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Lassie[2:129:15]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Timmy[2:129:15m]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Dog Pound[2:129:4]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Commander's Pound[2:129:4m]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Rin Tin Tin[2:130:3]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Moon[2:130:3m]
Puppy! (n) 73D12Kong Toy[3:372:15]
Puppy! (n) 73D12Venus[3:372:15m]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Cat's meow[3:390:5]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Salem[3:390:5m]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Spot[3:397:15]
Puppy! (n) 70D12JLM Kennel[3:397:15m]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Underdog[3:397:4]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Thanks Katherinaā€ˇ[3:397:4m]
Puppy! (n)[4:29:4]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Poop on you[4:29:4m]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Pile of Poop[4:30:4]
Puppy! (n) 70D12Moon[4:30:4m]
Starburst Rising (N) 13D12Butterball[1:57:14]
Starburst Rising (N) 13D12Moon[1:57:14m]
Starburst Rising (iN) 12D12Colony[1:67:6]
Starburst Rising (iN) 12D12Green[1:173:1]
Starburst Rising (iN) 12D12Moon[1:173:1m]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Colony[1:174:10]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Red[1:174:7]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Risen from the Ashes[1:174:7m]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Where eagles dare[3:140:5]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Moon[3:140:5m]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Blue[3:141:5]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Moon[3:141:5m]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Robot clean[3:141:8]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Moon[3:141:8m]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Earth AD[3:142:6]
Starburst Rising (N) 12D12Moon[3:142:6m]
W/C Viper (N) 2D12Colony[1:57:10]
W/C Viper (N) 2D12Moon[1:57:10m]
W/C Viper (pN) 2D12Black ball of death[1:58:15h]
W/C Viper (pN) 2D12Colony[1:58:4]
W/C Viper (pN) 2D12Moon[1:58:4m]
W/C Viper (N) 2D12Double slap[1:143:15]
W/C Viper (N) 2D12Good riddance[1:207:12]
W/C Viper2D12See you inq[1:365:3]
W/C Viper2D12no one willing 2 help U[1:365:3m]
W/C Viper (N) 2D12Good riddance[2:65:5]
W/C Viper2D12Win again u lose[3:28:4]
W/C Viper2D12Lmao I win[3:28:4m]
W/C Viper (N) 2D12Colony[3:101:5]
W/C Viper (N) 2D12Colony[3:101:8]